OpenStack Queens split control plane gotcha #3 – split OVN services

So here’s the third gotcha I’ve run into. For background, I’m trying to deploy a ‘split’ OpenStack control plane in OpenStack Queens using ML2+OVN – 3x nodes running all Pacemaker-managed services, and 3x nodes running the non-Pacemaker services (e.g. Keystone, Neutron Server, etc).

The problem is that the Neutron API service – which deploys the neutron-server-ovn image – requires the NeutronCorePlugin service. This in turn runs a puppet manifest that will fail because of a missing piece of hieradata – ovn::northbound::port.

neutron-server-ovn (the OS::TripleO::Services::NeutronAPI service) needs the northbound port in order to set up the logical flows in the northbound DB. When running in a monolithic controller model this is already available, thanks to the OS::TripleO::Services::OVNDBs service.

In a split model OVNDBs is split away from NeutronAPI, necessitating a change.

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OpenStack Queens, Split Deployment Gotcha #2: role ordering for split control plane

The last post to this described how without the ‘primary’ and ‘controller’ tags on your role running haproxy, your overcloud_endpoint.pem certificate file is never copied to those nodes, causing haproxy startup to fail.

This post documents a second gotcha – the ordering of your split roles in roles_data.yaml determines if some of your bootstrap tasks are run.

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OpenStack role tags: ‘primary’ and ‘controller’

You’ll see this in the roles_data.yaml file and might be wondering what they’re for. This post answers that question, but also outlines a ‘gotcha’ where the NodeTLSData resource will not be created for a role if that roles does not have the primary and controller tags set.

This applies to OpenStack Queens – in Rocky the NodeTLSData resource was changed to use Ansible for deployment of the public TLS certificate, and therefore this restriction doesn’t apply anymore.

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